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Making it Work: How Mazin EnCompass Increases the Effectiveness of Student Assistance Programs and Support Services
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How can we increase the effectiveness of student assistance programs and youth support services? Research shows that many students are not being appropriately identified and referred to needed services, or fail to complete services once they are referred. Mazin EnCompass™ is an early identification, referral and monitoring program designed to close the holes and make sure that students are receiving and benefiting from the services that they need. Grounded in years of research and built as part of the Safe Schools/Healthy Students initiative, Mazin EnCompass™ gives districts a powerful set of software tools that can predict which students are at risk, facilitate identification of students in need of additional support services, and help coordinate the student assistance resources needed to support each child. Early pilot study results have demonstrated substantial increases in the number of students identified for services, decreases in the length of time required to connect students to services, and noteworthy increases in program completion rates.

Results in Brief
Data is currently available from two districts that have used Mazin EnCompass™ for two to four years. Based on the information that is readily available from the system, it is easy to determine how Mazin EnCompass™ has facilitated increases in reported concerns, connections with related services, and decreases in the amount of time between the concern being reported and initial contact with family/youth. Of note, it is not a negative to see increases in concerns at the onset of utilizing the Mazin EnCompass™ system. Prevalence rates for both districts showed that youth are experiencing a variety of issues that are detrimental to their education, health and mental well-being. The increases in concerns being submitted is attributable to an increase in adult awareness of student issues and illustrates a rise in appropriate actions taken to support their students.

District 1
Mazin EnCompass™ is being used in this district for both school- and community-based services (primarily for mental health and substance use evaluations/treatment). Prevalence rates showed that substance use (17% marijuana and 43% alcohol usage among middle and high school students) and mental health (17% of high school students had made a suicide plan) are important issues affecting youth in the community. There has been an increase of 472% in concerns submitted from the baseline year to the fourth year of Mazin EnCompass™ implementation. A clear progression is also evident with youth being connected to services at a much higher rate and delays in connections being significantly reduced following implementation of Mazin EnCompass™.

District 2
Mazin EnCompass™ is used in this district for school-based services, including submission of concerns to student assistance teams, mental health workers, counselors, special education, etc. Since the system was rolled out recently (Spring 2012), data on connections made is underway for the current school year. Nevertheless, the data clearly show a striking increase in concerns submitted as compared to years prior to Mazin EnCompass™ (an increase of 620%!—and this increase occurred in one semester as compared to an entire school year).

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