About Mazin Education

Mazin Education was founded by Dr. Mariam Azin, building on her experience as founder and president of Planning, Research & Evaluation Services (PRES) Associates, Inc. Mazin Education draws together all of the resources of PRES Associates along with new talent and expertise in technology development and operations.  The new company was established to put in place the infrastructure to support large-scale deployment of the educational software solutions developed by PRES Associates.

Mazin Education brings together the best of both worlds: assessment and tracking solutions built on a solid foundation of psychometric research and data collection experience, and the operational expertise to support large-scale state initiatives. A little more about us:

  • We are a privately held, woman-owned business with offices in Ohio and Wyoming.
  • We are small and proud of it. Mazin operates on an “intellectual capital on demand” model, coordinating internal resources and best-in-class partners to develop solutions that are responsive, reliable, effective and cost-efficient.
  • We play well with others. See our partnerships page to find out how you can work with Mazin.