Mazin Education: Putting Research into Action

Who is Mazin Education? We’re a research-based education company developing responsive software solutions for publishers, states, districts and schools. Our mission at Mazin Education is to translate the best available research into programs and services that promote better student outcomes, support teacher effectiveness, and drive sustainable, positive change for schools. See us in the news!

Our programs were designed around the needs we saw in twenty years of experience in educational research, program evaluation, data collection, assessment design and school consulting. Our current programs are built around two key goals: to help educators better assess student progress against standards, and to give schools the tools they need to promote a positive learning environment, identify students at risk and connect students to services.

Through our partnership with BrightBytes, a fast-growing educational research and analytics organization, the Clarity Early Warning Module was developed to identify students at-risk of dropping out through a sophisticated, research-based algorithm. Built on BrightBytes’ Clarity platform, the Early Warning Module is part of a powerful suite of tools for dropout prediction and prevention, suicide and violence prevention, bullying, and whole-school improvement initiatives.

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